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Practical Defeasible Reasoning for Description Logics


  • Authors:
    Tommie Meyer , Kody Moodley , Sattler, U.

    Publication date:

    CSIR Meraka Institute, UKZN

    Output type:
    Conference proceedings

    IOS Press


    The preferential approach to nonmonotonic reasoning was consolidated in depth by Krause, Lehmann and Magidor (KLM) for propositional logic in the early 90's. In recent years, there have been efforts to extend their framework to Description Logics (DLs) and a solid (though preliminary) theoretical foundation has already been established towards this aim. Despite this foundation, the generalisation of the propositional framework to DLs is not yet complete and there are multiple proposals for entailment in this context with no formal system for deciding between these. In addition, there are virtually no existing preferential reasoning implementations to speak of for DL-based ontologies. The goals of this PhD are to provide a complete generalisation of the preferential framework of KLM to the DL ALC, provide a formal understanding of the relationships between the multiple proposals for entailment in this context, and finally, to develop an accompanying defeasible reasoning system for DL-based ontologies with performance that is suitable for use in existing ontology development settings.

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