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Context-based defeasible subsumption for dSROIQ


  • Authors:
    Arina Britz , Ivan Varzinczak

    Publication date:

    Stellenbosch University

    Output type:
    Conference proceedings

    CEUR Workshop Proceedings


    The description logic dSROIQ is a decidable extension of SROIQ that supports defeasible reasoning in the KLM tradition. It features a parameterised preference order on binary relations in a domain of interpretation, which allows for the use of defeasible roles in complex concepts, as well as in defeasible concept and role subsumption, and in defeasible role assertions. In this paper, we address an important limitation both in dSROIQ and in other defeasible extensions of description logics, namely the restriction in the semantics of defeasible concept subsumption to a single preference order on objects. We do this by inducing preference orders on objects from preference orders on roles, and use these to relativise defeasible subsumption. This yields a notion of contextualised defeasible subsumption, with contexts described by roles.

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