LRCM 2013

First Workshop on Logics and Reasoning for Conceptual Models

December 14, 2013, Stellenbosch - South Africa

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Welcome to the website of the First Workshop on Logics and Reasoning for Conceptual Models (LRCM 2013), to be held on the 14th of December 2013 in Stellenbosch, South Africa (co-located with LPAR-19). The aims, topics, important dates and submission guidelines are described further below on this page. Other important information, such as the workshop programme, organisation committee, contact details and logistical information can be accessed via the menu at the top of the page.

Description and Scope

There is an increase in complexity of information systems due to, among others, company mergers with information system integration, upscaling of scientific collaborations, e-government etc., which push the necessity for good quality information systems. An information system's quality is largely determined in the conceptual modeling stage, and avoiding or fixing errors of the conceptual model saves resources during design, implementation, and maintenance. The size and high expressivity of conceptual models represented in languages such as EER, UML, and ORM require a logic-based approach in the representation of information and adoption of automated reasoning techniques to assist in the development of good quality conceptual models. The theory to achieve this is still in its infancy, however, with only a limited set of theories and tools that address subtopics in this area. This workshop aims at bringing together researchers working on the logic foundations of conceptual data modeling languages and the reasoning techniques that are being developed so as to discuss the latest results in the area.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Logics for temporal and spatial conceptual models and BPM

- Deontic logics for SBVR

- Other logic-based extensions to standard conceptual modeling languages

- Unifying formalisms for conceptual schemas

- Decidable reasoning over conceptual models

- Dealing with finite and infinite satisfiability of a conceptual model

- Reasoning over UML state and behaviour diagrams

- Reasoning techniques for EER/UML/ORM

- Interaction between ontology languages and conceptual data modeling languages

- Tools for logic-based modeling and reasoning over conceptual models

- Experience reports on logic-based modelling and reasoning over conceptual models

To this end, we solicit mainly theoretical contributions with regular talks and implementation/system demonstrations and some modeling experience reports to facilitate cross-fertilization between theory and praxis. Selection of presentations is based on peer-review of submitted papers by at least 2 reviewers, with a separation between theory and implementation & experience-type of papers.

Submission instructions

We welcome submissions in LNCS style in the following two formats for oral presentation:

- Extended abstracts of maximum 2 pages;

- Research papers of maximum 10 pages.

Both can be submitted in pdf format via the EasyChair website

Important dates

Submission deadline: 14 October 2013

Notification: 14 November 2013

Camera-ready copies: 2 December 2013

Workshop: 14 December 2013