2015 Forum for Artificial Intelligence Research Workshop

30 March - 2 April 2015, University of Cape Town - South Africa

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Invited Speakers

The University of Cape Town

    Uli Sattler (Information Mangement Group, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, England)

    Prof. Uli Sattler is a professor in the Information Management Group within the School of Computer Science of the University of Manchester, and the Director of Postgraduate Studies within the school. Her research interests are in logics for knowledge representation and automated deduction. She works on Description Logics as the logical underpinning of ontology languages such as OWL and OWL 2; their usage, for example, in molecular biology; practical inference algorithms for highly expressive Description Logics; and on the complexity of and inference algorithms for Description, Modal, and Dynamic Logics, using e.g., automata-based and tableau-based techniques.

    David Toman (D.R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, Faculty of mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada)

    Prof. David Toman is an Associate Professor in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. His research focuses on database theory and systems, query processing under constraints and query compilation, as well as temporal aspects of data management, and logic in Computer Science in general. Recently, he has been focusing on database schema languages based on Description Logic enriched with various forms of identification constraints. The languages investigated in this line of research are tailored to enabling compilation of queries formulated over a high-level conceptual schema to code that is executed over low-level physical layouts of data, such as records and pointer structures. He has published extensively in his research area including preparing invited contributions to several reference collections, such as the Encyclopedia of Database Systems and the Handbook of Temporal Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence. He earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Masaryk University in Czechoslovakia in 1992 and a PhD from Kansas State University in 1996, all in Computer Science. He has been awarded numerous research grants, including the NATO-NSERC Postdoctoral fellowship and the Ontario Premier's Research Excellence Award.